Here are a bunch of MJ Morning Show sound clips from the past and present. They are either WAV, MP3, ASX, or RAM (RealPlayer) files:

MJ: "Holy Shih Tzu!"
Fester: "I am gay"
MJ: "I am a transexual"
MJ: "I'm not wearing any underwear"
MJ: "I love nuts"
Caller: "Holy God!"
MJ: "Shut up!"
MJ Yells
MJ: "What are you babbling about!?"
MJ Chokes
MJ Crying Like A Baby
Dr. Phil: "You know what MJ? Shut up!"
Legally Blind Mike Screams
MJ's Evil Laugh
Dave The Dwarf Mumbling
"I'm Dave The Dwarf And I Approve This Message"
MJ Screams
Fester's Fake Laugh
Fester Will "Bozadeebop" You
Fester Intros A Song
MJ Laughing Crazily
Fester Belches On-Air
MJ: "Save the Drama for your Mama"
LaMosa: "Who is you?"
Hurricane's Web Update Notification
MJ's World Series Prediction
George W. Bush: "It's Fuzzy Math"
Will Ferrell: "I drive a Dodge Stratus!"
Will Ferrell: "Why don't you go back to your home on Whore Island?"
MJ: "Who the hell's that?"
Joey B: "I saw a bigfoot"
Another MJ Evil Laugh

Froggy Sings the "Hump Day" Song
MJ: "Can you explain this to me?"
MJ: "No duh!"
MJ: "You should not listen to anything else"
MJ: "Welcome, my peeps!"
MJ: "My ass!"
MJ: "You've gotta be kidding me!"
MJ: "That is unbelievable!"
MJ Yawns on the Air
MJ Screws with his Microphone

MJ Crazy Laugh #2
Joey B: "For the love of dear Jesus!"



Here are some audio bits along with a few show bloopers from the past and present:


Here are some clips from the MJ Morning Show's coverage of the terrorist attacks from September 11, 2001. MJ stayed on the air from 6 AM to 7 PM EST in order to keep listeners updated on the unfolding events:

Breaking News of the First Attack
During a segment where a man was in search of his long-lost son, Martin Giles frantically runs into the studio to notify MJ of the initial attack on the first World Trade Center tower.

Second Plane Hits World Trade Center
This is when CNN reported that a second plane had hit the other World Trade Center tower.

World Trade Center Tower Collapses
This is when CNN reported that one of the World Trade Center towers had collapsed.

Today Show Reports on the Attacks
MJ briefly recaps the terrorist attacks while listening to a report on the Today Show on NBC.

ABC News Top-of-the-hour Radio Report
MJ briefly recaps the terrorist attacks and then joins ABC News with an 11 AM EST report.



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