BJ signs off from 'MJ & BJ' show
February 9, 2001 - St. Petersburg Times

BJ Harris leaves the No. 1 rated morning program in the Tampa Bay radio market.

It was business as usual on Thursday's MJ & BJ Morning Show except that BJ Harris wasn't there.

In fact, he hasn't been there for the last few days because he resigned Monday.

"I was in a situation where I had to make a decision," Harris said. "I either had to continue to do mornings or operate radio stations. I can't do both. It's too much work."

The MJ & BJ Morning Show has aired on WFLZ-FM 93.3 for seven years. WFLZ, along with seven other Tampa stations, is owned by Clear Channel Communications.

In addition, Harris also resigned from his position as operations manager for WFLZ and WSSR-FM 95.7 (Star).

Harris hasn't made a decision about leaving his responsibility as national director of contemporary hit radio programming for Clear Channel, but will discuss future options with the company.

"He was the hardest working guy I ever worked with," said former WFLZ employee Dave Mann. "I never met anybody who was more dedicated to radio."

Harris, 43, worked for Clear Channel for 12 years and has been in the radio business for 20. He said Clear Channel will honor his contract until it expires in May.

"Everything comes to an end. Scott Shannon had his run. Ron & Ron had their run. MJ & BJ had theirs. It's a revolving door," Harris said. "I wish MJ the best of luck. I hired him and he's talented. But, MJ will be fine without BJ, and BJ will be fine without MJ."

A decision has not been reached about renaming the morning show or adding a new co-host.

"BJ will be missed, but the show will continue," MJ Kelli said. "I fully support his future endeavors and wish him the best of luck."

"I didn't suggest that they remove my name," Harris said. "There's nothing bitter here."

This time last year, Kelli told the St. Petersburg Times he didn't think he would still be doing the show from Tampa come February 2001. That may not be the case now.

"I'm not leaving any time soon. I had speculated on that, but it's a year later and the right situation has not cropped up for me," Kelli said.

Harris left while the MJ & BJ Morning Show is still the No. 1 rated morning program in the Tampa Bay radio market. The show is syndicated to Fort Myers and St. Louis.

"I'm sad that something really good on the air is coming to an end, but I'm also excited about this as an opportunity to see what else I can do," Harris said. "It's time for a change for all of us."