Power Pig duo to appear on TV Series
December 30, 1994 - St. Petersburg Times

Tampa Bay area disc jockeys MJ Kelli and BJ Harris will get their 15 minutes of fame tonight on, of all places, A Current Affair. Seems the pair got into a tiff with Star Trek hero himself William Shatner a few weeks ago during an on-air interview on their morning program, The MJ and BJ Show (WFLZ-FM 93.3, the Power Pig). At the end of the otherwise civil interview, Kelli said, he asked Shatner a question about his hairpiece. "I said it was the best hairpiece I'd ever seen," Kelli said. The actor fumed, insisting he does not wear a hairpiece. "He called me a dope, a jerk," Kelli said. "He asked me if MJ stood for the Most Jerk." The blowup, coming at the heels of Burt Reynolds publicized feud with a San Francisco newspaper reporter, made several tabloid newspapers before catching the eyes of A Current Affair producers. They sent a film crew to the Tampa station Thursday. A spokeswoman from the program, which airs locally on WFTS-Ch. 28 at 7:30 p.m., confirmed the segment would be on today, unless bumped by a breaking news.