MJ & BJ sidekicks venture into limelight
April 21, 2000 - St. Petersburg Times

It's no secret the sidekicks of the area's top-rated radio morning show want a gig of their own.

Earlier this week Froggy and Fester, auxiliary players of the MJ & BJ Morning Show on WFLZ-FM 93.3, got the chance to prove themselves when their bosses MJ Kelly and BJ Harris let the duo take over the airwaves from 6 to 10 a.m.

Froggy (real name: Scot Langley) and Fester (Domenic Siciliano), think they have what it takes and have set their sights on radio markets smaller than Tampa Bay, the nation's 21st largest. They've recently sent tapes to stations in Alabama, Hawaii, South Carolina, Montana and upstate New York.

Froggy and Fester performed capably during their debut Tuesday and didn't stray too far from the MJ & BJ Morning Show format. They made their own crotchety call, checked in with WTVT anchor Kelly Ring, chatted with Clear Channel head honcho Dave Reinhart and posed questions to the singing psychic.

But fishing for compliments an hour into the show was a bit much.

"The most difficult part was coming up with your own content for four hours," Froggy said. "You don't realize how fast a four-minute song goes by It was a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be. I have a whole new respect for MJ and BJ."