MJ & BJ tuning dial toward new home base
February 9, 2000 - St. Petersburg

It wasn't a wacky radio show stunt. MJ Kelli's announcement on Monday that he and the entire WFLZ-FM 93.3 MJ & BJ Morning Show crew probably won't be based in Tampa much longer is true. "I don't think I'm going to be living in Tampa this time next year," Kelli said. "Within a year, the show could be moving on." The MJ & BJ Morning Show, already syndicated in St. Louis, has had numerous offers during the last two years to move to other markets, including an offer from a New York City station. When the show leaves, chances are everyone affiliated with the show including BJ Harris, Froggy, Uncle Fester, Hurricane Stevens and executive producer Joey B. will go with it. Moving to another market would force Harris to give up his job as operations manager for WFLZ and WSSR-FM 95.7. "We've had six fantastic years in the Tampa Bay market. I love the town. I love the people here," Kelli said. "But, at some point you have to look at the larger picture. I think there are some major markets that we could obviously make a big impact in." Kelli said he has no specific markets in mind but that his new station will probably be owned by Clear Channel Communications, the company that owns WFLZ and seven other Tampa Bay stations. The MJ & BJ Morning Show could be syndicated in Tampa Bay from the show's new base.