Disc jockey MJ Kelli takes a spin at hosting afternoon TV program
May 5, 2000 - St. Petersburg Times

WFLZ-FM 93.3 morning man MJ Kelli gave his listeners a rare chance to see the face behind the radio voice Thursday when he hosted a show on WTVT-Ch. 13.

Kelli took over for WTVT anchor Kathy Fountain, who had the day off. Fountain regularly hosts Your Turn, an interview/call-in segment that airs during the station's afternoon newscast. Kelli, 34, has been a guest on Your Turn a few times. Letting him handle the hosting duties was the idea of Philip Metlin, WTVT's vice president of news.

After he finished the MJ & BJ Show on Thursday, Kelli made a brief stop at home to freshen up and put on a suit jacket before heading over to the WTVT studios to tackle his first live TV host job. The appearance went smoothly and Kelli turned out to be as confident on TV as he is on radio.

Any chance he'll head to TV land?

"I think there's always interest at some point," Kelli said. "I'll never close the door on television but at this point my heart is still in morning radio."

He may be taping a national TV show later this month. Kelli and partner BJ Harris are negotiating a trip to Los Angeles for a taping of Hollywood Squares, which has invited morning radio personalities throughout the country for an episode to air in September.