MJ Kelli lets rage rip
June 8, 2001 - St. Petersburg Times

The tirade MJ Morning Show listeners heard on WFLZ-FM 93.3 Thursday morning was the real thing.

Host MJ Kelli exploded on air after being told a video containing a show stunt would not be allowed on the show's Web site. Earlier that morning, show member Fester had jumped off the Gandy Bridge and the bit was caught on tape.

"I snapped," Kelli said. "I was put in a situation where I had just promoted that the Fester stunt would be on our Web site and suddenly (general manager) Dave Reinhart confiscated the bridge video. I flipped out. Anger that has been building up over the last year came spewing out."

Much of that anger comes from a broken deal that would have moved his show to WHYI-FM in Miami.

"What really has been festering inside of me is that they strung me along for eight months and I wasted almost a year of my life planning," Kelli said. "I was getting ready to buy a hew house in April 2000 and was told not to do it because we were moving to Miami.

Kelli is also mad that a talk show he was to do from Tampa for an AM station in Los Angeles never materialized.

"I feel like I'm being treated like a pile of garbage," he said. Kelli's contract ends July 31. The bridge jump video, by the way, is now on the show's Web site.