I've had the great opportunity to interview two MJ Morning Show crew members via e-mail. Below are the questions that I asked them about their experiences on the show, observations about other crew members, and overall a secret glimpse behind the microphones and into the studio:

Do you enjoy working on the MJ Morning Show?

I love every minute of working on the show (except when Joey forgets to take his Lexapro). It has done so much for me and it has made a lot of my dreams come true! And by dreams, I mean running errands for MJ. (Just kidding!)

What is the atmosphere in the studio like during the show?

The best way to describe the atmosphere during a show is like being in your favorite class in school. During the show the atmosphere can either be real relaxed or really hectic, depending on the news that day, guests in the studio, etc. As a listener I always wondered what happened during the commercial breaks. Usually we prep for the next segment, make sure everything is in order and take a breather. Also during the breaks, at the 9 o'clock hour, we sometimes watch "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" and ask each other the answers. We sound like a bunch of nerds. I literally think I laugh from 6:00 A.M. until the show is over at 10 A.M.

Is MJ the same guy on the air as he is off the air?

He's pretty much the same guy but more tame. He hides nothing from the listeners, so what you see (or hear) is what you get!

Besides yourself, who is your most favorite morning show member?

I like all the guys for different reasons. MJ is cool because he's taught me A LOT and has shown me that hard work definitely pays off. Fester and I always tell each other we're like brother and sister but so happy that we're not related. Hurricane is truly like my big brother, he's the big brother to all the interns. The best way to describe Joey is like your menopausal aunt and Flunkie is like a good friend that is willing to share his knowledge about anything. The interns are great too! Dave the Dwarf is the coolest guy ever. We're partners in crime!!

Who is your least favorite morning show member?

I really don't dislike anyone. We all have our moments!

Are you working on any new Notorious JAB raps?

I'm scheduled to record a new rap on Monday (4/17) with Mark Maynor!

Who would be your favorite person to interview for the "Celebrity Spotlight" segment?

Conan O'Brien, John Mayer, Roseanne or Bill Gates so I can ask for some cash.

Do you hope to host your own radio morning show some day?

I'm actually majoring in journalism because television is what I ultimately want to do. I'm honored to be working with the best morning show now!


Here's another MJ Morning Show Fan Page exclusive interview! This time it's with Flunkie - the audio and sound effects guy on the show. Thanks to Flunkie for taking a few minutes to answer some questions about his experiences on the show:

Do you like the nickname Flunkie? If not what would you rather be called?

Yes and No. The name Flunkie is very recognizable which is good but I'm still a flunkie. I suggested a few names when I got here like Flounder, Rhino, Chewy, etc. Chewy was my name in philly.

Do you enjoy working on the MJ Morning Show?

Yes, It has been great here. Some people think MJ is hard to work with. I think I understand the guy better than most. he is a perfectionist. if things go wrong he wants it fixed ASAP. You just have to understand where he is coming from. The fans have been by far the best part of working here. I have received some much love and so many postive e-mails. I consider myself a very positive person so I love talking to people who love the show.

When do you arrive at the station each morning? What kind of work do you do prior to the show?

I am the first one here and last to leave. I arrive at 3:30 and print out news stories. I do that until about 4:30. I usually get out of here before 1PM.

How do you know when to play sound effects for the show?

Timing! its all timing. You have to feel him out. If he mentions american idol I have my finger on the trigger by the end of the word american.

Describe MJ in one word.


How long have you known Joey B?

About 4 years.

Do you hope to become an on-air DJ or morning show host someday, or do you prefer working behind-the-scenes and off-microphone?

Maybe. I don't know yet. Radio is tough. I did quit in philly. I became a real estate agent for a short amount of time. It was great not waking up at 2AM.

What's the status of selling your 1999 Honda Accord?

Not good. It is still in my possession. I think I will fix it up. Then I talked to Kane our new PD about getting the thing autographed by some celebs. Then I will resell it for a lot more money.

Are you seriously thinking about becoming a Scientologist?

I am. I am mainly curious. I am very open minded and would like to see what they are all about. If I think they are cooks I will get out. I won't get brainwashed. I do like to think for myself.


Most listeners probably don't know who "Meatball" is. Hopefully this short MJFanPage.com interview will give you more of an idea. He produces the MJ Morning Show on Z107.7 FM in St. Louis, Missouri. Since the show runs on a one-hour time delay due to the Central Time Zone, he has to cut out certain parts of the show and edit it so that it fits perfectly into its 6-10 CST time slot. Thanks to Nick for taking a few minutes to answer these questions:

When did you start producing the show?

I started producing the show as a fill-in in the summer of 2002, and I did that all the way up to the beginning of 2005 when I took over for Big Mike as the OFFICIAL St. Louis producer.

How do you know what to cut out for the tape-delay broadcast?

Because we run our tape-delay broadcast on an hour delay, I have to cut out when MJ gives out the phone numbers...simply because if I was to leave those numbers in, by the time it aired in St. Louis, they would have been talking about something completely different for an hour.

Who is your favorite morning show member?

I would have to say that Joey B. is my favorite...and I only say that because he is the one that I talk to the most during the mornings (and I only get to talk to him over IM)

Who is your least favorite morning show member?

I seriously don't have a least favorite, I love every member of the show in their own rights.

Will Z1077 ever air the show live so that St. Louis listeners can call in during phone segments?

There is a lot of behind the scenes issues that restrict us from airing the show live, we in St. Louis would of course love to air it live and get the people of "The Lou" involved, but for right now, we will just have to keep airing the show like we have been.

Do you ever get bored listening to the show every single day?

Absolutely not, if it wasn't for this show, I don't think I would ever know what would be going on with current events. I love the fact that everyday there is something new, something different, and always something funny.



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