Welcome to the MJ Morning Show jingles and songs page. Some of these jingles were produced by Mark Maynor of Monster Mix Productions. They include plastic surgery contest jingles, Jabberjaw raps, Kristi raps, and more. The others were produced and recorded by MJ, the morning show crew, as well as Nick and Eric in the production department:


Grandma Got a Brand New Pair of Hooters

Here Come Little Bras

Ice Ice Boobies

Jingle Jugz Rock

Jingle Jugz Theme

Lil' Bit

MJ Clause

No Boobies

Oh Double D

Pack Your Bras

Pump 'Em Up A Lot

Shake Your Jingle Juhgz

Small Blouse

Booby Builder

Jolly Holiday Hooters

Boobs Boobs Pow


Day 'N Night (Cellulite)

Joker Face

Fat 'N Old

Liposuction (Satisfaction)

Digital Optical Thermolysis (Supercala...)

Right 'Round



Jabberjaw Rap - Copy Cat

Jabberjaw Rap - Notorious JAB

Jabberjaw Rap - My Crew

Kristi Rap - Diss Song


Brent Jowers - Drive By Fruiting
Parody of a 50 Cent song

You're A Mean One Mr. Schnitt

Froggy #2 - Where Do You Hide Your Horns?

Froggy #2 - From Jesse to Becky (Full House song)

MJ & BJ Morning Show Intro Music (1994-1998)
From the Pulp Fiction soundtrack called "Misirlou"

MJ & BJ Network Re-synch (2000)
From the 100.1 Kiss FM Fort Myers affiliate

MJ Morning Show Intro Music (1998-2006)
A remix of Crystal Method's "Keep Hope Alive"

MJ Morning Show Intro Music (2006-)
A remix of the Lost In Space TV show theme

MJ Remixed Intro Music

Chloe's Mom
A parody of "Stacey's Mom" about Chloe's mom Michelle

Chloe's Dad
A parody of "Stacey's Mom" about Chloe's dad MJ

Peter Cofield - MJ Morning Show Jingle


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