Here is a collection of various pictures relating to the MJ Morning Show from the past and present, ranging from pictures of the crew to other things related to the show:


Meredith eats a cracker topped
with Fester's foot shavings



Drew (MJ's brother)



MJ taking a hearing test


Hurricane, Hoover, and Froggy


Joey B taking a lie detector test


Nora the Explorer (40-year-old intern - the oldest ever on the show)


Does Flunkie look like Cartman?


Flunkie posing as MJ


Flunkie and MJ arm wrestling


Meadow from The Sopranos vs. Meadow the Intern


Joey B's "extreme" makeover


Fester playing the Terminator 3 game in the studio


Joey B


MJ Morning Show interns


Jabberjaw the Intern, Rachel the Intern, Kristi the Apprentice



Lunchbox doing the 2005 Egg Nog Challenge


Lunchbox wearing the gas mask


Lunchbox impersonating Boy George


Lunchbox doing the Taco Bell Challenge
(He's trying to eat all the items on the Value Menu)


Dave the Dwarf

Fester (right) at the Timothy McVeigh execution

Uncle Fester was interviewed on ABC Action News, which followed the progress of
his weight loss after he had the lap band implanted in his stomach

Natasha the Intern

Dave the Dwarf with Lindsey and Meagan (Coors Twins interns)

Fester on stage at the 1998 Billboard
Magazine Radio Convention

MJ and Tacoboy showing off Justin Timberlake's driver's license
discovered by a listener at an 'Nsync concert in Tampa

The MJ & BJ Morning Show in 2000
eft to right - Froggy #1, Fester, MJ, BJ, Dave the Dwarf, Joey B, Hurricane

MJ Morning Show studio with MJ and Hoover

Dave Reinhart with the corpse

Dave Reinhart as the beer man

Eric the Giant with Dave the Dwarf


Hoover measuring Dave the Dwarf and Norm the Giant


Wacky Jackie


Jessica Simpson in the MJ Morning Show studio


Kristi the Intern (the original)


Lamosa the Intern


Mary the Bull-Dyke


MJ posing as The Price is Right announcer Rod Roddy


Chloe on the corpse's lap


Ryan (former audio guy/traffic coordinator)




Michelle, Dick Clark, & MJ

Froggy #2

Froggy #1


Jason the Buffoon Boy


BJ Harris
(MJ's former on-air partner on the MJ & BJ Morning Show)



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