The MJ Morning Show isn't known for playing parody songs. But MJ and others have come up with some catchy little songs and jingles over the last few years. Below are the lyrics to some of the popular songs that have aired on the show.


by Peter Coffield

Time to get up
Get out of bed
Let a radio genius
Climb into your head
Get a totally unpredictable start to your day
Get your daily dose of MJ
Morning Show, MJ let's go.

From 6 to 10, we're this crazy gang
Comes the voice of insanity
A man you can hang with
He's a little demented but baby in a beautiful way

Get your morning dose of MJ
MJ, time to wake up and play
With MJ, MJ, start your heart with MJ.

He takes a crazy world and
Spins it 'round and 'round
Everybody is gettin' down
With the sound of MJ
Morning Show, got promotions and commotion
Everything you wanna know
On the MJ Morning Show

MJ, time to get the party started
Gettin' ready let's go
To the MJ Morning Show

by Jabberjaw the Intern

I am the
Notorious J.A.B.
All other skanks
Wish they could be me
I love Anderson Cooper
In the biggest way
Too bad everyone
Else says he's gay.

All the other fellas
Wanna know what gets me moanin'
I'll tell ya
His Conan.

MJ called me frumpy
That makes me grumpy
Tons of guys wanna hump me.

Went to the hospital
Doc fixed my jaw
Now I'm the hottest
Damn intern you ever saw
That's why I posed
In my Victoria's Secret bra.
Never been on a date
But you'll never hear me gripe
Come too close
And I'll hit you with the pipe.
She's J-to the-A-to the-B
Tons of guys wanna lay her
Hell no!
She's saving herself
Uh...for John Mayer.

Hurricane and Fester
Always make a joke
It's OK...I can take it
I'm an intern...I'm broke
I'm Jabby smalls
I can even take MJ's crap cut it...that's a rap.

by Eric Chase

Chloe's mom married a moron
Chloe's mom married a moron
Chloe's mom married a moron
Chloe's mom married a moron

Chloe how's your mom live with that obnoxious tool
Obnoxious tool
He's from the shallow end of the gene pool
The gene pool
How'd your mom get stuck with such a selfish *****
Selfish *****
Is he retarded or just a little ****
What a ****

Your mom is such a hottie standin' next to MJ
There is no odder couple in the continental USA

Chloe's mom married a moron
Beside him she looks like Hakeem Olajuwon
Chloe can't you see got a donkey S.O.B.
A toad seduced a swan when MJ married Chloe's mom

Chloe's mom married a moron
Chloe's mom married a moron
Chloe's mom married a moron
Chloe's mom married a moron
(Fade out)


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